The Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation

The mission of the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation is to preserve and interpret the historic home of poet Laura (Riding) Jackson and promote literary programs that nurture passion for the written word. A primary mission is to preserve the 1910 homestead of Laura (Riding) Jackson both as an example of environmentally sensitive FLorida architecture and as a valued emblem of her significant contributions made in a life devoted to language and literature.

The historic house is open for tours on Saturday from 9-12, from October to May.


The Laura (Riding) Jackson Historic Home

The home was bequeathed to the Foundation for preservation and  restoration and as a focal point for the study of literature, philosophy and  history.  The home is an example of a  disappearing architectural style and a symbol of an older, more environmentally  sensitive way of life.

In this simple home, one can feel the former owners’ devotion to literature and the study of language, and appreciate their great love for what Laura called “the Floridian way of life,” which allowed them simplicity, privacy, and peace.

To learn more about Laura (Riding) Jackson in Florida, watch the Cracker Tales video, “To Let Be and Let Do.”

In addition to preservation of the Laura (Riding) Jackson home, with the help of generous partners the  Foundation sponsors public programs that focus on literature history and the relationship of man and environment. Programs have included Teen Writers Workshops, the annual Poetry & Barbecue outdoor reading, Poetry Open Mic, an Oral History Program, Adult Writing Workshops and Retreats, guest speakers for the Emerson Center’s Special Engagement Series, as well as the Vero Beach Book Festival.

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I have waited for the breath of life
And the breath of speech to mingle.
This must come about first in the mind.
We must think our way into our station
Of watchkeeper on the universe,
Upon the life-whole of it.
It is the station of speech.
Here the promise of language will be proved.

– from “In Gratuitous Witness” by Laura (Riding) Jackson