Lawrence Hetrick led the Teen Writers Poetry Workshop on April 11, 2015. He also read at the April 12, 2015 “Geography of the Heart” Poetry & BBQ event.

Arrowhead Field

Down from a drummed steel highway
I drive under shade trees and I’m
Home for musty August once again.

Nothing’s doing, nothing’s new
In these depths of sleeping green,
Silent till September.

Blinking back an oily glare,
I pass familiar turns, aimlessly roll
Out to farms of cropless sand and stop

To climb a crumbling uphill field
Where my father brought me to find
Arrowheads of crimson chert.

Here they lie, beneath mirages,
Sinking farther out of sight.
No wind, no moon, no cloud is here.

Where can I be except this place
Whispering to me in every grain?
My shadow wrinkles over clods.

Noon plunges into sandfields
That all alike roll away and arc
From town to town, over the earth.


Lawrence Hetrick