Places in the Heart, a Poetry Workshop

Teen Writers worked with poet Lawrence Hetrick on April 11, 1-4 PM, the Saturday before our annual Poetry & Barbeque celebration. The pre-workshop assignment was:

1. Read two poems before workshop:

Read them carefully. You need not study or research them—in fact I recommend you don’t. Copies of these poems will be provided at the workshop.

2. Write an original poem:

You may submit one original poem of your choice for consideration in the workshop. The subject may be anything you choose, and there are no formal requirements.

3. Write a poem based on this exercise:

Write a poem using all eight words or concepts in the following list:

  1. never/at no time
  2. forgetting/remembering
  3. wind or breeze
  4. moon
  5. boulevard
  6. rough/smooth
  7. dry/wet
  8. song/ singing

Send in your poems – or bring them with you:

Send one or both poems, with your name, by email to by Thursday, April 9. If you wish for a poem to be considered anonymously in the workshop, add “anonymous” to the sheet.

Come on time, come with an open mind!

Writing a poem is optional. If you are interested in poetry, just come to learn. Keep your mind open and ready to learn and explore. Please do not come in order to prove something to others.