Last Teens Listen Session of 2020

Teens Lsiten November 18 students and veterans

On December 18, for our last Teens Listen session of the year, 44 students from Sebastian River High School interviewed 6 local veterans from the Veterans Council of Vero Beach. Before the interviews, students did research so that they could learn more about military service, conflicts, historical context, and more. Students were able to record their oral histories, and they will be documenting the experience through written reflections that will be published in the coming year.

This was an exciting experience for all involved and it showed the power of collaboration as students, teachers, administrators, and two nonprofit organizations came together to build intergenerational connections and shared perspectives about history and the contributions of our men and women serving in the military.

Thanks go to USAF Colonel Carlos Halcomb (Ret), USA Lieutenant Colonel Carroll Oates (Ret), USA Staff Sergeant Pete Peterson, USAF Staff Sergeant Michelle Rispoli, USMC Sergeant Rob Ryan, and USMC Sergeant 1st Class Sylvester McIntosh for taking time out of their busy lives to continue to to serve by working with our students.

The Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation is dedicated to preserving the author’s home and nurturing local writers through a series of literary offerings including writers groups, summer camps, workshops, and poetry festivals.

The Veterans Council of IRC mission is to support all Indian River County veterans and their families while raising awareness of veteran needs and their contributions to society.

We’re so excited for what’s to come in 2021!

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