April 21 2023: Poets David Kirby and Barbara Hamby, LRJF Writing Center, 9:30am-12:30pm

Barbara Hamby and David Kirby will be in town for our 12th Annual Poetry & BBQ on April 22nd. The day before, on the 21st, they will be conducting a workshop at the Writing Center. Come learn from some of the very best!


March 11, 2023: Poetry Workshop “Breaking the Line in Poetry” led by Rosemary Royston

February 25, 2023:  “From Laura Riding to Laura (Riding) Jackson: A Selection of Poems, Stories and Later Work” led by Elizabeth Friedman

February 11, 2023: “Writing the YA Novel” led by Victoria Wlosok

November 12, 2022: Poetry Workshop “Odes, Elegies, and Raptures” led by Writer-in-Residence, Lisa Zimmerman

January 21, 2023: “Audiobooks 101” led by Melanie Simmons, 9am-12pm