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Reading Riding, Slowly slowly with Dr. Joyce Wexler

Library collections relating to Laura (Riding) Jackson

Cornell University: Laura (Riding) Jackson Digital Archives

New York Public Library: Laura (Riding) Jackson Papers

Nottingham Trent University: Laura (Riding) Jackson Archival Collection

Northwestern University: Laura (Riding) Jackson Collection

University of Maryland: Laura (Riding) Jackson Papers Archive

Indian River State College (location of Laura’s historic home): Library Guide

Digital Recordings of Laura (Riding) Jackson

WTTB studio recording, Reel 1 – Harvard Digital Collections Laura (Riding) Jackson

WTTB studio recording, Reel 2 – Harvard Digital Collections Laura (Riding) Jackson

Norton lecture. reading Laura Riding – Harvard Digital Collections by John Ashbery

Academic Writing about Laura (Riding) Jackson

Blackmore, Jack Laura (Riding) Jackson Webinar Paper – Three Poems Written for the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation “Conversations Series” 3/2021

Theodorakopoulos, Elena. ““The ever-dissolving image of deceptively tranquil antiquity”: Classical Myth and Literature in the Prose and Poetry of Laura Riding.” Synthesis: an Anglophone Journal of Comparative Literary Studies [Online], 0.12 (2019): 21-41. Web. 30 Mar. 2021