Laura (Riding) Jackson's house

The Jackson’s home was constructed around 1910 when the region was a wilderness. It is a good example of Florida’s historic “cracker” style of vernacular architecture with the deep porches and large windows for cross-ventilation. The center portion of the home, made of Florida pine, is the oldest part of the house and is distinctive in its simplicity. The Jacksons added the North bedroom and bathroom and installed indoor plumbing. Until 1989, Laura lived in her home without electricity using kerosene for heat and light and propane to cook.

After her death in 1991, a group of concerned individuals created the non-profit Laura (Riding) Jackson Home Preservation Foundation to save the home as a focal point for the study of literature, history, architecture and the environment.

The Jackson home was first moved on August 9, 1994 to the Environmental Learning Center, and again on July 14, 2019 to Indian River State College’s Mueller Campus. Ongoing preservation of the home is a major goal of the Foundation. The home is open for public tours. The home is registered as a Friends of the Library USA National Literary Landmark and is listed on the Florida Literary Map.

The historic home is currently closed for hurricane season. Please visit the homesite and gardens and read our informational signs and view videos of the interior of the house from the QR codes posted on those signs. We look forward to welcoming you back into the home when hurricane season has passed. Thank you!

Suggested donation of $5 per person.

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View a tour of the Laura (Riding) Jackson House!

Back in February of 2021, the Community Church of Vero Beach did a livestream tour of the house on Facebook! Board member, Susan Boyd, gave a phenomenal tour of the house where she explained what it would have been like to live there. In the video, you are able to see all of the house and get to know a little bit more about Laura. Thank you Community Church of Vero Beach for coming out to the house for a tour!

View the House being moved to IRSC!

Poem Written by one of our Porch Poets, Pat Draper

Meet Me at the Pole Barn

Let’s see if we still have what it takes

as we write our hearts out, tending verses for each other,

seeking soliloquys of sound only poets have to find–

articulating nuances, fusing syllables in kind, 

 for the ride of their lives, 

juxtapositions never seen before.

We speak softly at first, then louder, 

each verse waiting to be heard, voices canted, 

in search of dialect, the truest meaning of each word.


We nod, knowing when we’ve discovered

what it is, revealed: gems yielded in the rhymes,

haiku or stanzas, 

with a contemporary feel.

So, meet me at the Pole Barn,

 or by the porch at Laura’s house,

we’ll read what we’ve been writing 

and welcome what the muses have to say,

in this pandemic. 

Pat Draper, 5/19/20