The Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation has partnered with the Gifford Historical Museum and Cultural Center to help teens learn the process of interviewing members of the community and documenting their stories. Teens Listen: An Oral History Project is a project that engages students in our community in an experience that will develop skills of interviewing and listening by recording the significant views adults have about living in this community.

We have enlisted teacher mentors in each high school to help us recruit, train, and schedule our young student interviewers. We’ll take students through the process of learning how to interview, how to document those interviews and how to reflect on what they learn in the process.

Students will produce a video of their recorded interview, which will be built into a local documentary film that shares the stories we collect, as well as written reflections, which will be published together in a physical book.

In addition to continue to interview Gifford Pioneers and women in the C-suite, we plan to add veterans, “river folk,” and others to our growing list of storytellers.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Be in 9-12th grade
  • Reside in or attend school in Indian River County

Would you like to be a part of Teens Listen?

Andy Hedges headshot

Andy Hedges A poem from lovely Eagles Nest, New Mexico. Andy Hedges reads “The Bronco” by Captain Jack Crawford from Eagles Nest, New Mexico. To find out more about Andy, click here.

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Meet me at the Pole Barn

Pat Draper Let’s see if we still have what it takes as we write our hearts out, tending verses for each other, seeking soliloquys of sound only poets have to find– articulating nuances, fusing syllables in kind, for the ride…

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Rick Campbell

Rick Campbell reads his poem “Buffalo” from his book Dixmont. Rick Campbell is a Poetry & BBQ alum from 2013. To find out more about Rick, click here.

Sean Sexton

Sean Sexton

Sean Sexton reads his poem “Voices” from his upcoming book Auguries as our first Featured Poet. Poetry is a tremendously powerful vehicle for personal expression. From the rhymes small children hear and create to the increasingly worldly perceptions mature…