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Peggy Ann Tartt

Louise KennedyJun 11, 20201 min read
Peggy Ann Tartt headshot Peggy Ann Tartt reads her poem “Broken” from Cutthroat: a Journal of the Arts. This week we bring you Peggy Ann Tartt from New York City. Peggy was one of…

Laurel Blossom

Louise KennedyJun 4, 20201 min read
Laurel Blossom headshot We are delighted to continue our poetic missives to you with wonderful recordings from all over the country from our beloved Poetry & BBQ…

Alice Friman

Louise KennedyMay 27, 20201 min read
Alice Friman headshot Alice Friman reads her poem “Snow” with an introduction from Sean Sexton. A beautiful reading by Alice Friman, one of our previous “Daughters of…

Andy Hedges

Louise KennedyMay 20, 20201 min read
Andy Hedges headshot A poem from lovely Eagles Nest, New Mexico. Andy Hedges reads “The Bronco” by Captain Jack Crawford from Eagles Nest, New Mexico. To find…

Meet me at the Pole Barn

Louise KennedyMay 19, 20201 min read
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Pat Draper Let’s see if we still have what it takes as we write our hearts out, tending verses for each other, seeking soliloquys of…

Rick Campbell

Louise KennedyMay 18, 20201 min read
Rick Campell headshot

Rick Campbell reads his poem “Buffalo” from his book Dixmont. Rick Campbell is a Poetry & BBQ alum from 2013. To find out more…