Sean Sexton

Sean Sexton reads his poem “Voices” from his upcoming book Auguries as our first Featured Poet.

Poetry is a tremendously powerful vehicle for personal expression. From the rhymes small children hear and create to the increasingly worldly perceptions mature poets write, to recollections in our senior years, the poems we write bear witness to our American way of life. 

The Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation is proud to be a consistent source of poetic inspiration for the county and beyond. Through our regular programs and our current COVID-19 writing competitions, people of all ages come together to learn to express themselves and to “bear witness” through writing.

One of our biggest events, the annual Poetry & BBQ, brings poets from all over the country to our town to share their poetic visions. Though our 10th Annual Poetry & BBQ was canceled due to COVID-19 this April, we are bringing you the voices of our previous poets who have agreed to record themselves in their various stay-at-home locations as a reminder of the importance of art and literature to the human experience, especially at a time like this. Enjoy these poets and their words as we add them one by one to our site, starting with our own Sean Sexton and his video above on our Featured Poets page.

To find out more about Sean, click here.

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