She Has Firsthand Experience: Published Young Adult Author Shares Her Expertise on Writing for the YA Market

Book sales in the YA category continued to increase in 2022. According to The NPD Group, “One of the most notable trends in 2022 has been the diversification of authors in the young adult market. Rather than seeing one or two major authors dominate the top of the market, there is a longer tail of top authors. In fact, there are five times more authors with unit sales over 100,000 in 2022 compared to 2020.”

Become one of those major YA authors in 2023 and beyond! In this this workshop, you will discover how to craft a vibrant Young Adult (YA) novel that keeps your readers fully engaged, tells an authentic story, and avoids the common pitfalls of adults writing for teens in this Adult Workshop led by twenty-year-old YA author Victoria Wlosok.

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