Saying Goodbye to National Poetry Month

As April comes to a close, please enjoy two poems written by teen writers. Note that both these poems were written on the spot to a prompt at the Writing Center during April’s First Friday Open House.

The first poem was written to a prompt with the following words: “flower, garden, vineyard, and oasis.” The second came into being after a guest was invited to give the writer a single word and receive a gift poem with word in it as a result. The word given was “cherish.”

“The Oasis”

by Marcos Viloria

The Oasis

Dry patches of grass

I once deemed as hideous

suddenly bloom with color.

The bright yellow

of a recently sprouted flower

envelops my skin with the warmth of the sun.

I run my fingers through its petals

searching for the source of this sensation,

only to discover that I was floating on a garden.

Plants hanging,

flowers blooming,

tendrils reaching,

warmth cooling,

as I walk through the path of nature.

The vines seem to notice my presence,

since they extend their arms toward me,

lifting me high to their vineyard sanctuary.

As soon as they welcome me to their home,

a river of wine sweeps me from my feet.

The burgundy rapids leave me gasping for breath, 

when suddenly,

a soft, dry, mossy safety net

halts my turmoil

Opening my eyes, 

I finally see an oasis of peace.

Nature has finally guided me to peace.


by Rachel Estillore

from the people we loved

to the people we knew

from the birds in the sky

to the beach waves blue

there’s nothing on earth

land sky or sea

that doesn’t cherish

both you and me

Both writers, Rachel Estillore and Marcos Viloria, have achieved our Teen Writing Fellow Award. They, along with all Teen Fellows who are graduating next month, are eligible to be entered to win a one of two scholarships we will be awarding in May.

See these and more writings at the bottom of the Student Programs page of our website.

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