Happy Mother’s Day from Teen Writers

Have you seen the May issue of Vero Beach Magazine, yet?

We worked with the editor, Kelly Rogers, to find some teen writers with something to say about their love for their moms in time for Mother’s Day. There were so many touching and well-written entries! The magazine published several (you can see the spread here) and we share four more entries with you below. Thanks to all teens who wrote!

by Matthew Barrett

Dear Momma,

Do you remember the time that you congratulated me on my first time whistling in the backseat of a car ride? We both knew it was just a high-pitched squeal, but the way you affirmed me made me feel velvety smooth with ludicrousy.

Do you remember the time that you sang me “In the Garden,” and I swore it was an ode to my teacher? You disillusioned me, but deep down, I still believed there was a connection between the word tarry and my teacher’s first name.

Do you remember the time that I was the last person to get the feverish COVID symptoms in our family’s miniature outbreak, yet you still treated me with utmost patience and love? I apologized for waking you in the dead of night while in my delirious haze, but you immediately rebutted my pain with a sense of belonging and adoration.

Do you remember the times we played zooms with Grandy and Momou using the flashlight when thunderstorms disrupted my sleep? The devotion you gave me, present in both generations, for hours on end, was tremendous. All for a toddler who still hadn’t mastered object permanence.

Mom, do you remember the time that you devoted your life’s work to raising me and my brothers? You always told us that you could die a happy woman if we became God-fearing, happy men.

Right now, as I write this, being cared for by the love you boundlessly gift me, I can not express my gratitude. In my short time here on Earth with you, I will never be able to fathom the great fortune my life has presented me, being alive right here, at this moment, with you as my mother. To my best friend, caretaker, secret sharer, therapist, counselor, knight, and most importantly, my mother, I say thank you. 

Love, your fellow caboose of the family,


by Patrick MacMullan

Dear Mom,

I want to thank you for all that you’ve done for me up to this point in my life, and for all that I know you will continue to do for me. You’ve always put your children first, and you always encourage me to try new things, even if I tell you a million times I don’t want to do it. You support me in school, sports, and life, and no letter or words that I ever write on paper would be able to convey just how much you mean to me.  Even though sometimes it can be embarrassing when my coach asks “Is that your mom cheering in the stands? She’s very loud!”, I know that when I’m older (and hopefully wiser), I will look back on all your “embarrassing” moments with a great fondness, and I know that it will bring a smile to my face. Thank you for eventually allowing me to try and play football, a sport which even though I know you’re still a little bit hesitant about, you’ve still given me your full support through and through. Thank you for watching sports games with me into the late hours of the night, even when the team we are cheering for is losing. Even though I don’t think I’ve ever said it, the little quiet moments that you and I spend together are by far my favorite. I know that I can truly be myself around you and that you’ll love me no matter what. Through all my flaws and mistakes, you still love me to the fullest. So thank you Mom, for being a Mom, and happy Mother’s Day. I love you.

by Johanna Waller

Dear MaMa,

I love you so very much, and I do not know where to begin in saying how much I truly appreciate you.  I often think of the fun times we have together, and one thing in particular that I remember often and well, is when you would bring me along with you to your business meetings.  I remember being about three or four, and you would begin your meeting with your clients by introducing me as your assistant.  You made me feel so important, special, and proud to be your business partner in-training.  When I was in these meetings with you, you gave me pen and paper to take notes, but I doodled and drew pictures instead.  When I think about this, it makes me smile, and I realize that I learned so much from those meetings.  

I love that you listen, but I sometimes think that you are not paying attention to what I am saying without saying it, but then somehow, out of nowhere, you let me know that you heard every single word.  You provide such a warm, loving home and always cook amazing, delicious, home-cooked meals.  I recognize your charitable and generous qualities that I think are unsurpassed because you never put yourself first and make sure that everyone else is taken care of before yourself, which I admire and am amazed by.  When I do not feel well, you make me feel better and have the ability to make me look on the brighter side with all of your positive sayings and funny jokes.  

You make me laugh, encourage me, support me, advocate for me, and set me up for success.  I truly appreciate your patience, kindness, and positive outlook.  I enjoy all of your phrases and quotes that keep me going.  I look forward to our daily prayers because you remind me that we have to be thankful and that with G-d all things are possible.  I feel that our bond is unlike any other, and you are truly the best Mother I could have asked for.

I love you always, 


by Veronica Kosten

Dear Mom,

It was the days when you were angry, yet still loved me.

It was the days when you were tired from work and frustrated, yet still loved me.

It was the days when you looked at me with tears in your eyes, yet still loved me.

It was the days when you were busy, yet still loved me.

All those days where someone else would not bother to look my way as their emotions caved into their daily life, you showed me otherwise.

You showed me that, “I love you” weren’t just words, they were actions too.

I never understood why people would compare me to you, mom.

Was it my appearance or was it my heart that shined through to resemble yours?

Now I understand what a mother’s love is like.

A mother’s love is infinite, no matter how many mistakes I make. No matter when I think my mother has had enough. At the end of the day her love seeps through like rays of sunshine on a dreadful and gloomy day.

It felt like it was just yesterday she would walk with me to the bus stop with my breakfast in her hands.

It felt like it was just yesterday she would take silly pictures of me and post it on Facebook with the cutest captions.

It felt like it was just yesterday when I would have her pick my outfits to school with a matching headband.

It felt like it was just yesterday when I would come home and talk her ears off with what happened to school.

I may not be that little girl anymore, but I sure now understand a mother’s love because of mine.

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